Blackjack is a card game originating from France that has existed since the 17th century, this game is better known as 21 (twenty one) or in French it is called vingt-et-un, this game is arguably quite famous and often exists in every casino so it’s no wonder this game can spread throughout the world.

In ancient times, the game of blackjack was traditionally only at the casino, but along with the development of the era the game can be played online, the advantage is that you can play globally with players all over the world, the variations of the game are also growing with the choice of tables available to the players. in Indonesia, there are quite a lot of casino gambling agents who provide these games

This game requires skill skills that are quite strategic in taking important actions for players who want to learn more about the blackjack game such as a basic understanding of playing strategies and players must be able and consistent in winning the game.

Then what are the terms in the game so that players are not fooled into the game, actually for online blackjack a guide is usually provided when playing, but what’s wrong with us understanding first before starting to bet on the game.

  • Blackjack – designation of the best card combination in the game (Ace and cards worth 10)
  • Bust – designation for the card value that exceeds the value of 21
  • Double Down – the name for multiplying the bet by the player, receiving additional cards and making a stand or this is known as doubling down
  • Hit – a designation for the action of asking for additional cards
  • Hole Card – the name for the bookie card that is closed
  • Guarantee / Insurance – the designation for a guarantee request where the position of the bookie card that is visible is As and you feel the dealer has blackjack
  • Push – a name for the value of the dealer and player cards the same
  • Split – the designation of two cards with the same value can be split, thus forming two different hand cards, bets with the same value will be placed on the new hand
  • Stand – designation for not taking additional cards
  • Surrender / Surrender – refers to a player surrendering after reaching a certain value and taking back the bet

Rules of Playing Blackjack

In the blackjack game it is very easy where the player must get a total card value of 21, the player who is close to that number will be declared the winner but if not then he will draw the card back as an additional value on the card he has, in contrast to the dealer’s task, which is to hit if have a number of cards of 16 or less, and the dealer must stay if the number of cards is worth 17 or more, the game balckjack is easy enough, players just need to add cards to approach the value of 21 and you will be declared the winner.